Hosting a game night outing for friends can be so much fun. In a world where the use of smart phones and tablets are disrupting real human connection, spending quality time with friends and family have become difficult. Years ago, it was not uncommon to find friends or families gather round to play board games while chatting, enjoying each other’s and generally having a good time. With this understanding, we have created a games night collection for you and your friends to kick start your next get together.       

Package Inclusion

Tier 1: Group Plays

Card: Headbanz, Taboo, Guesstures, Pictionary, Cards, Pitt, Bold, Uno

Board Games: Cranium, Sorry, Clue, Scrabble, Articulate, Rummikub, Mathable 


Tier 2: For two people

Connect 4, Ayo, X and O, Chess, Ludo, Snake and Ladder. 


Tier 3: Set Up Games


Cup pong, Flip X and O, Stack attack, Jenga




Package Itinerary

Day 1


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