TRAVELLING when pregnant always comes with extra risks, therefore there are necessary precautions that you must take.

During your first trimester, it may be difficult for you to enjoy your trip abroad because you may be feeling nauseated and tired all the time and during your last trimester, moving around may be a bit more difficult, plus you continuously feel pressed and need to urinate. There are also a few pregnancy restrictions for women who are close to their due date, so please bare all of this in mind too.

It is important to take things easy and make sure you are utilizing all the benefits available to you as a pregnant woman. Below, we have listed some tips for you to follow if you intend on travelling soon.


  1. Choose your Destination Carefully

If you are pregnant, it is advisable to avoid countries which have a high rate of diseases like: malaria, zika, typhoid and yellow fever because you could get infected. However, just because of potential health risks like this, it doesn’t mean you have to put a destination you really want to visit on hold until after you give birth. If you still really want to travel to a high risk country then get clearance from your doctor so he can give you the necessary medication, vaccinations or consultation that you need.


  1. Relax and Take Things Slow

Travelling when pregnant can be a lot more strenuous on your body that others therefore it is important for you to take things easy. Airports have facilities for pregnant women and even on the aircraft, you will be prioritized and well looked after by flight attendants. Airport lounges are actually very ideal for pregnant women. Travelden customers can enjoy 24-hours access to the SDS lounge which comes with a resting and sleeping area, entertainment, complimentary magazines and showers. So after you’ve checked it, head to a lounge and really make the most of it.


  1. Choose Activities Wisely

There’s nothing stopping you from going for a leisurely swim but be careful of activities that put excess strain on your body. Things like surfing scuba diving should not be activities you choose to participate in because they are regarded as ‘pressurized sports’. Engaging in pressurized sports like this can cause air bubbles to form in your body, which can be transferred to your child. This is very unsafe, so opt for less strenuous activities instead like: sunbathing, relaxing and playing light sport.


  1. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead can include making a note of where you are going to stay when you reach your destination, getting an emergency bag ready, just in case you deliver early and noting down the nearest hospitals in your intended location. Remember that although you are pregnant and your child is not yet here, you still have to make provisions and consider it as if it were here. Moreover, you need to prepare for setbacks and delays so that you know how to handle yourself when these situations come.


  1. Opt for Comfort

Do everything you can to make sure your comfort is prioritized. If you are travelling and you want to be as relaxed as possible then flying business class will really exceed your expectations. We wrote about the benefits of it in a previous post, here. Plus, I must add that in the business class tier, you get extra leg room, and a big reclining chair, which means you can lie flight on your back and get a good nights sleep on the plane. You don’t get that sort of luxury on an economy flight.


  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water is good for everyone because it keeps your body hydrated. We all know that pregnant women make frequent trips to the loo, so drinking water will make you get up to urinate more, thus providing your body with good blood circulation because of all the moving about. Keep a bottle of water with you and drink that on the plane instead of sugary beverages.

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